Geneva, my last stop

In less than an hour I will board my plane in Geneva and be on my way home.It’s been quite the trip, and a long time to be away from home. Geneva is beautiful and I spent half a day walking around the city just relaxing. I also stopped and picked up a few much […]

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Reflections on the Via Francigena

I haven’t started writing this until today because I truly don’t know where to begin. Unlike the Camino, which for me felt like one comprehensive experience, the Via Francigena for me felt like a series of experiences. I’m not quite sure why that is. But for now I’ve decided to start at the very beginning […]

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Woke up this morning ready to go. I walked to the train station and boarded a train towards Florence, where I switched trains to my destination, Bologna. Bologna is a wonderful city. I took a bus tour of the city and got to see many of the sites in a short period of time since […]

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Livorno, then back to Pisa

(Pics tomorrow. Internet is misbehaving.) My original plan for today was to take an hour long train ride to La Spezia early in the morning. That was until the birthday party at the bar down the road spilled into the street at 1am and the screaming practice (the walls along the river echo)started at 2am. […]

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After over a month of relatively quiet hiking I’m still not a big fan of crowds of tourists. In Genova I feel like the crowds were small and it didn’t bother me at all. In Pisa, the crowds are larger, but almost totally confined to the area surrounding the Leaning Tower of Pisa. That said, […]

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What a wonderful city. Arriving in the rain didn’t give me the best first impression, and after an over 3 hour bus delay I was exhausted. I found a local grocery store and bought supplies for dinner that evening, breakfast for two days, snacks, and shampoo (since it appears mine was left somewhere along the […]

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Back to Aosta

Leaving Milan this morning, the bus station was in chaos. I was grateful to be leaving the big city but hesitant about my choice to return to Aosta. When a bus driver declined to let a group of passengers board a bus and the screaming started, I was less hesitant but still unsure. I got […]

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Milan, our last night together

After last night’s wedding we were exhausted. But we had a train to catch. Which as it turns out is a very popular train. In Milan we finished some last minute shopping for Sara’s next trip and got to see a few of the sights. Tomorrow Sara leaves for Croatia and I’m heading back to […]

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Lake Como

We are here for a wedding of one of Sara’s friends who was kind enough to invite me along for the ride.We took the train from Rome to Como which was a nice ride.With this looming over us we didn’t have much time for sightseeing, but that seems unnecessary considering our view from the apartment […]

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